Short and sweet from CoolBuzz. Why not keep it simple?

To be a leader is an easy job. You only have to know something that most successful leaders know. I made a list with some useful tips. Here they are:

1. Let your ego to go away – Do the big and the important things first. You must do the things with passion. Let the small ones for the end.

2. Learn to follow – You must know, which is the best way for following. The successful leader is a result of a long process of growth. Be a loyal and get the best from your teacher.

3. Make a positive relationship – Make a strong relationship with your team. The people who want to follow you have to trust you. They must rely on you in good and bad times.

4. Do your job qualitatively – You must be a good role model. Do what you do with passion and give your best.

5. Be a disciplined – Stay focused and pursue your goals. Learn to manage your emotions and think positively.

6. Make your life valuable – Make the life of your people better. Help them to reveal their potential. You must add more value in their lives.

7. You give before you get – Use your power to help people. Train and improve your team. Be the river that runs through the hearts of people.

Original Article: 7 Motivational Secrets of the Successful Leader | Cool Buzz