6 Ways Great Leaders Spark and Navigate Change

We’ve all heard before that change is the only constant in life. Well one of the biggest jobs of a leader is to navigate their team through change. Whether your leadership style is servant-, relationship-, participatory-, or transformational- based (or a combination) leading others to actionable results is an unwieldy task. There is a big gap between pronouncing that change is needed and then actually affecting change. What’s involved? What mindsets are required? Natalie Nixon Principal of Figure 8 Thinking, LLC writing here for Inc.com, asked 6 leaders with a diverse range of leadership styles their perspective on what it takes for a leader to affect change. Here below are their thoughts.

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Why You Need To Protect Your Emotional Reserves As A Leader

There are probably dozens of traits that come to mind when you think of what sets great leaders apart from the rest of the pack. But one of the most important things that every great leader understands–something that other might miss–is the importance of having adequate emotional reserves when you show up at the office every day.  Jim Schleckser CEO, Inc. CEO Project talks us through why CEOs need to have buffers to handle the ups and downs of business. 

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10 Things Unstoppable People Do That Average People Don’t

Benjamin P. Hardy is a contributor, for Inc.com. here he asks some pertinent questions about your leadership potential. Are you unstoppable or average? Do you get derailed by prior success? Are you thinking linearly or exponentially? In short what are the things unstoppable people do compared to the rest of us; Do you do these 10 things?

1. Don’t get crushed by success.

“Success can become a catalyst for failure.” – Greg McKeown

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How to Get Every Employee on Board With Your Company Goals in 4 Simple Steps

Nearly every metaphor for corporate success has one thing in common: teamwork. From row boats, to orchestras, to well-oiled machines, every well-tread analogy acknowledges the power of collaboration. Why? Organizational cohesion and collaboration are critical to success. Great insights from Kirsten Blakemore Edwards (@KirstenBeMe), MA CPCC, Executive Facilitator at Partners In Leadership, writing here for Inc. These criteria are intrinsically aligned to the methodology of our Strategic Planning system “Stragile”. So how do you create this culture of collaboration in the first place? It starts with accountability. Get accountability right, and you get everything right. Here’s how:

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Your Strategic Plans Probably Aren’t Strategic, or Even Plans

Graham Kenny is Managing Director of Strategic Factors, a Sydney-based consultancy that specializes in strategic planning and performance measurement, and president of Reinvent Australia, an organization that focuses on the nation’s future development. Here is his refreshingly pragmatic take on why our collective view on strategic planning to not correct.

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The 8 Secrets to Get Your Team to Own Their Jobs.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your staff could handle things by themselves without asking you to be the final arbiter on every decision? Wouldn’t it be nice if your team could solve problems as they arise, taking more ownership and freeing you up to focus on growing the business? Imagine if they found ways to increase sales, reduce expenses, and preempt problems all on their own. Imagine if they took initiative to explore what markets your company should expand into. Or if they came to you with ideas for breakthrough products. Imagine if they not only participated in the company culture, but also participated in growing the company culture and grooming the next generation of company leaders. Great questions asked by By David Finkel Co-author of, ‘Scale: Seven Proven Principles to Grow Your Business and Get Your Life Back’, writing here for Inc.

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