Top 10 Reasons Leaders Fail

Lee Colan, Co-founder of The L Group has consulted with thousands of leaders since co-founding a leadership consulting and training firm in 1999. Here is what he found to be the top 10 derailers of leadership success. Sometimes it's just the simple that is...

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Want to Be a Better Leader? Ask Your Employees These 3 Questions

From professors to managers to mentors, I’ve had the opportunity to be inspired by some great leaders. When thinking about what they have in common, it’s easy for me to come up with some shared characteristics. They were all supportive, encouraging, charismatic, and motivated. They all had unique skills and valuable experiences under their belts.

But, personality traits aside, I identified one more common thread that ties all of my most memorable leaders together: the questions that they would ask me. Here are three questions to ask your own employees if you want to be seen as a better, stronger leader.

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Highly Motivated Employees Have a Boss Who Always Does This.

Great leaders know they have to motivate employees by painting a clear picture of where the job is heading and what is waiting for them down the road. Nothing motivates people in quite the same way as vision-casting for employees. If you can muster enough empathy for that employee, you know the job is a bit tedious.

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