In Capitalism, Nice Guys Finish First.

“We need to discover anew what makes free-enterprise capitalism what it has been: the most powerful creative system of social cooperation and human progress ever conceived. We next need to rethink why and how we engage in business to better reflect where we are in the human journey and the state of the world we live in today.” —John Mackey

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What Role Does Intuition Play in Your Business?

Call it intuition, call it gut instinct, it doesn’t really matter. We’ve all experienced it in some way. My intuition has saved my life three times. And if I had listened to it more, it would have saved me a lot of grief and money over the years.

In business it manifests with people, deals, projects, opportunities, customers – so many ways. We get a feel for what is going on with no real information, just a sense of what is going on and what we need to do about it. But for many people, the ability to hear and feel their intuition is a lost skill.

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This Janitor Turned CEO Just Identified the Key to Building a Great Organisation.

Thomas grew up in Georgia, the son of a self-taught electrician and a secretary. He credits his parents and humble background for shaping his work ethic and values, qualities that helped him work his way up to the chief executive position of Rapid7, a corporate network security company that serves nearly half of the Fortune 1000. It makes for greater communication, because it helps managers and others deliver feedback in a constructive way.

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How You Define the Problem Determines Whether You Solve It

New innovations can seem like they come out of nowhere. How could so many people have missed the solution to the problem for so long? And how in the world did the first person come up with that solution at all? In fact, most people who come up with creative solutions rely on a relatively straightforward method: finding a solution inside the collective memory of the people working on the problem. That is, someone working to solve the problem knows something that will help them find a solution — they just haven’t realized yet that they know it. When doing creative problem solving, the statement of the problem is the cue to memory.

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Starbucks’ President Reveals 6 Leadership Traits That Led to His Success

During his tenure, he helped grow the company from 28 stores to over 15,000 stores spanning five continents. He now dedicates a large part of his time to the development and education of future leaders and has been a longtime advocate of Servant Leadership. Behar was asked by Fox how more companies are able to create workplaces where employees’ voices matter and people thrive.

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6 Things Great Leaders Always Do. According to Research!

Dr. Jim Laub, a leadership scholar and president of OLAGroup, has done extensive research on servant leadership’s impact on human performance. His original studies set out to find out the answer to three questions:

How is servant leadership defined?
What are the characteristics of servant leadership?
Can the presence of these characteristics within organizations be assessed?

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