Leadership Advice

Advice for CEOs, Business Owners and Boards.

What is it all about?

A totally confidential monthly peer-to-peer mentoring approach, that allows a CEO to have someone in their corner, who is familiar with the challenges and rewards of senior leadership. Who is in your corner? Who do you have who isn’t in your organisation that can be a sounding board, someone to bounce ideas someone who has been in the trenches and knows exactly what it is like, good and bad.

What is theProcess?

Rather than a prescriptive approach, Mark takes time to listen and diagnose where the organisation and leadership is at, and what is critical at this particular juncture on their journey. He discusses the required outcomes to ensure he is aligned with the leader and their direction. Usually a ‘Leadership Audit’ is required to assess capability and gap analysis.

What are the Outcomes?

This obviously depends on the brief, but the most common request we get are for the a ‘Leadership Audit Report’ generated via a survey app and interview (analogue and digital). Culture based programs include a full Vision, Mission and Values output, achieved in a single day! We have also been asked to facilitate M&A discussions and lead Culture Change programs.

Who is it for?

Business or organisation leaders who would appreciate someone with great experience to help them on their journey. High horsepower advice and facilitation to produce real world results. Wether its a leadership assessment, a culture change program or a Vision Mission and Values construction, we’re experts.

what dowe teach?

Authentic Leadership

Unlock potential through authentic leadership.

Creating Culture

How to create an engaging workplace.

Change Management

How to create and lead change.

what is the Investment?

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