A back to basics look at the  seemingly lost art of building and maintaining authentic relationships, from Fast Company, by Ximena Vengoechea

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Building genuine relationships takes time, mutual care, and interest. Here’s how to keep your interactions with new connections honest.

The best professional relationships I have ever formed have come from unexpected places. Clothing swaps. Birthday parties. Continuing education classes. The Internet. Places where you meet a stranger and can chat long enough to find common ground and become genuinely interested in each other—environments that allow you to become friends first, professional peer mentors second. I have met and kept in touch with amazing confidantes, peer mentors, and role models in this way.

I consider myself lucky to have formed so many professional relationships so organically, but I know that in some cities and industries, mine is a less likely reality. Professional events like Meetups, conferences, and speed mentoring help bridge that gap, yet many of us feel ill-suited in attending.

Too big, too busy, too loud to give anyone a chance to really get to know someone—it can be hard for two strangers to truly connect in that type of setting. This explains why so many people are eager to hand you a business card instead of a conversation. We rush to exchange information, because that’s what the environment calls for.

Yet there’s a fundamental challenge that comes from these freshly formed almost-relationships. They operate without the foundation of how many of the best relationships are formed: over time, with mutual care and interest.

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