Thought Patrol is proud to announce that Rob Lancuba B.Bus CPA MAICD, has joined the team! Rob is a transformative CFO and COO with M&A and ASX expertise. He is a CFO Advisor, and Enabler and has a genuine passion is to grow the potential of leaders and organisations.

Rob heads up Thought Patrol Finance, who enable CEOs and CFOs and their organisation to realise their full potential. We offer CFO Mentoring, Finance Team Audits and CFO Services and Advice. This complements our CEO and Leadership Team offerings. Rob is also available to facilitate our ‘Stragile’ Strategic Mapping Sessions.

“We believe in questioning the status quo and challenging teams to think differently! We do this by assessing the workplace, then arming the finance team and the organisation with the tools, strategies and confidence to step forward and be the best they can be. Our programs and resources are practical, applicable and relevant to a modern ‘Stragile’ workplace. We create sustainable value by equipping leaders to consistently deliver business objectives.” Rob Lancuba.

As a CFO and Finance Professional, Rob has partnered with Boards and CEOs to lead six organisations through transformation and high growth. This includes multi-billion dollar companies, including Nestle, Arnott’s, and the legendary Hard Rock Café. He has driven International expansion, and led a listing to the ASX.

Rob has deep expertise in designing and implementing comprehensive business strategies for growth and turn-around, and personally led teams of over 100.

Imagine a world where CEOs are more successful because they have a strong CFO partnering them side by side. A world where the CFO uses KLIs to predict and guide business direction. A world where a high performing finance team supports and partners the business.

Imagine a world where you and your employees wake up inspired to go to work, feel trusted and valued during the day, then return home feeling fulfilled, like they have contributed to something greater than themselves

We believe in this bright future and our ability to build it together.

Rob can be contacted via our website: or email for an obligation free coffee and a chat.