thought patrolwho are we?

We are leadership advisors who enable organisations to realise their full potential. Our mission is to ‘reframe leadership and humanise the workplace. We achieve this through enabling Stragile™ leadership, culture and strategy. This produces alignment and adaptability, which improves productivity, and innovation, creating sustainable profitability.

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Thought Patrol - Introduction

Mark Bilton - Strategist

How DoWe Deliver?

Based on our Stragile™ Model, we Mentor Leaders, Facilitate Strategy, Advise the C-Suite and Boards, and Speak, to equip leaders and their teams, to navigate a rapidly changing workplace.

strategic planning

Group Facilitation for ‘Strategy Connect’ Strategy Days.

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leader’s mentor

Mentoring for Established and Emerging Leaders.

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leadership advice

Advice for Boards, Owners and Leaders.

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Thought PatrolWhy Us?

Our Purpose: “to enable leaders and their organisations to realise their full potential”. The contemporary business environment challenges conventional leadership practice. Our programs and resources are practical, applicable and relevant to a post-industrial workplace.


Mark Bilton BSc GradDipBus MBA FAICD FAIM

Mark Bilton BSc GradDipBus MBA FAICD FAIM

CEO Advisor | Managing Director

Mark is a Leadership Advisor, Strategist and Speaker. He enables leaders to ‘realise their potential’, and is on a mission to ‘reframe leadership’ and ‘humanise the workplace’.


Managing Partner, Mark Bilton is highly regarded as an international award winning, commercially astute, leader. He brings 20 years’ CEO experience; leadership, culture, and strategic, insights to both the executive’ and board’ tables. A turnaround CEO, his ability to design and implement real world business strategies, adds significant value for all stakeholders. Mark has led multinational organizations through transformational change; companies like Gloria Jeans Coffees, where he oversaw 40 countries, Hagameyer Brands and the Charles Parsons Group.


1. Honour We honour and respect all stakeholders. 2. Passion We are passionate about everything we do. 3. Excellence We strive for excellence at all times. 4. Partnership We partner based on integrity and trust. 5. Integrity We value integrity over convenience. 6. Authentic We remain real and grounded.


1. Know Your Why. Purpose unlocks passion and direction. 2. Respect and Honour. Everyone, regardless of role or relationship, should be treated with honour and respect. 3. Control is an Illusion. Clear vision, direction and empowerment result in momentum. 4. Democratise Information. An organisation with transparency builds trust, understanding and alignment. 5. Culture Unlocks Potential. Invest in your people; your people will invest in your customers; then your customers will invest in you. 6. Innovate and Differentiate. Innovation is not an event it is a cultural imperative. Innovation drives differentiation and success. 7. Simplicity trumps Complexity. The elegant and effective solution is the simple refined from the complex. 8. Humanize the Workplace. Relax and enjoy, we spend a lot of time at work we might as well enjoy it. 9. Clear Strategy. To empower people, you need direction and clear simple milestones; that’s strategy. 10. To Lead is to Serve. Real leadership is an act of service.


1. Speak. Keynote Addresses for Conference, Board and Leadership Team Meetings.

2. Mentor. Leadership Mentoring, for CEOs, CFOs, Business Owners, and Emerging Leaders.

3. Advise. Leadership Advice, for CEOs, CFOs, Business Owners, and Boards.

4. Facilitate. Group Strategic Facilitation, and Leadership Advisory.

Some of our Clients

Based on our Stragile™ Model, we mentor, facilitate, advise and speak, to equip leaders to navigate a rapidly changing workplace.

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what dowe teach?

Our Stragile™ topics enable leaders to navigate a rapidly changing business environment and transform their workplace.


Unlock potential through authentic leadership.


How to create and lead change.


How to create a productive workplace.

Latest Leadership Posts


Servant Leadership Is Not What You Think.

The world is in need of better leadership role models. Around the world—in companies, governments, religious institutions—self-serving leaders have harmed their investors, employees and customers alike. Blanchard offers a critical reminder at a critical time that only...

Be the Type of Leader People Will Remember. Do the 1 Thing Most Bosses Hate the Most.

In management theory, certain concepts from yesteryear no longer hold true. Like, for example, the idea that people must be driven to perform. Writing here for Inc, Marcel Schwantes, Principal and founder of Leadership From the Core gives his take own the upside nature of empowered leadership.

Over the years, I’ve learned that driving people (as if they were cattle or cars, steering them wherever we want them to go) no longer holds a favorable place in collaborative work cultures.

This Giant Company Has a 2 Word Dress Code and It’s Brilliant

This story is about three things: dress codes, leadership and common sense. When I was a CEO I used the same mechanism and believe me it is highly effective; you can’t talk about empowerment and decision making if you’re still telling people how to dress in the morning. If they are good enough to work for you they can probably work that out! Here is Bill Murphy Jr, executive editor of operations, Some Spider, and founder,’s take on the issue. (Origanally appraered in It’s about a $62 billion company with roots going back 100 years–the kind of giant, legacy organization you might think would get bogged down with bureaucratic minutiae. And it’s about how it wound up with a dress code running only two words long.

6 Ways Great Leaders Spark and Navigate Change

We’ve all heard before that change is the only constant in life. Well one of the biggest jobs of a leader is to navigate their team through change. Whether your leadership style is servant-, relationship-, participatory-, or transformational- based (or a combination) leading others to actionable results is an unwieldy task. There is a big gap between pronouncing that change is needed and then actually affecting change. What’s involved? What mindsets are required? Natalie Nixon Principal of Figure 8 Thinking, LLC writing here for, asked 6 leaders with a diverse range of leadership styles their perspective on what it takes for a leader to affect change. Here below are their thoughts.

Why You Need To Protect Your Emotional Reserves As A Leader

There are probably dozens of traits that come to mind when you think of what sets great leaders apart from the rest of the pack. But one of the most important things that every great leader understands–something that other might miss–is the importance of having adequate emotional reserves when you show up at the office every day.  Jim Schleckser CEO, Inc. CEO Project talks us through why CEOs need to have buffers to handle the ups and downs of business. 

10 Things Unstoppable People Do That Average People Don’t

Benjamin P. Hardy is a contributor, for here he asks some pertinent questions about your leadership potential. Are you unstoppable or average? Do you get derailed by prior success? Are you thinking linearly or exponentially? In short what are the things unstoppable people do compared to the rest of us; Do you do these 10 things?

1. Don’t get crushed by success.

“Success can become a catalyst for failure.” – Greg McKeown

what are theexperts saying?

A ‘New Business Environment’, needs a ‘New Leadership Paradigm’.

“Once employees feel challenged, invigorated and productive, their efforts will naturally translate into profit and growth for the organisation.”

Ricardo Semler

CEO, Serco Partners

I think the most productive thing to do during times of change is to be your best self, not the best version of someone else.

Seth Godin

Author, Seth Godin Inc.

Management innovation is going to be the most enduring source of competitive advantage. There will be lots of rewards for firms in the vanguard.

Dr Gary Hamel

Director, MIX

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